Sicily is not only sun, sea, archaeology and natural beauties, but you will discover another side of our island: our food and our wines.

Sicily offers to visitors a wealth of natural beauty, culture, history, arts and archeology waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, but this is not all, in fact you have another side of Sicily, maybe less known until now: food and wine.

For 2000 years we have blended Arab, Greek and Roman cuisine, selecting the best from each of these. The Mediterranean diet has been created here , in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the most renown food : Sicilian cassata, Sicilian cannolo, granita, arancini, caponata, parmigiana. The fertile soil and the Sicilian sun produce oranges and lemons, almonds, prickly pears, pistachios, olives. Not to mention ice-cream!

In spite of the fact that basically the cuisine is the same all over the island, nevertheless you can see a division among eastern, central and western Sicily for what concerns recipes and culinary traditions.

The same for wines : the cultivation of vines and the production of wine was introduced in the western Sicily by the Phoenicians around VIII and VII century BC. In the eastern Sicily by the Greeks between VII and VI century BC.

Nowadays you have many wineries producing high quality wines and many DOC wines.

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